Boarding & Bathing

Let your pet vacation with us!

We would love to treat your pet like our own while you are away.

All boarding dogs are:

  • Kept in a climate controlled boarding facility with access to fresh water at all times.
  • Exercised twice daily in our enclosed back yard. (There are plenty of tennis balls for those pets that enjoy a good game of fetch!)
  • Given fresh bedding and have their kennels sanitized daily.
  • Fed a high quality sensitive stomach dog food. (Should you choose to bring your pet's food from home we will feed according to your instructions at no additional charge.)
  • Cared for by trained staff that will monitor your pet closely for signs of discomfort.
  • Have access to on site veterinarian care should it be needed

Additional Services

Medications $3.00/Day

Trained veterinary assistants will administer your pet's routine medications per your instructions.

Play/Cuddle Time $5.00/Session

Additional one-on-one play time or cuddle time (15 minutes per session) with one of our staff may be scheduled for your pet during their stay.

Kong Treat $3.00/Each

Kong stuffed with peanut butter to entertain your pet while they rest after their morning walk!

Cookies at Bedtime $1.00/Night

Your pet will receive treats at bedtime just before lights out.

Does your pet need a day at the spa?

All baths include:

  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Thorough Scrub in the Tub
  • Drying
  • 5-10 Minutes of Brushing

Call for current bathing prices (vary based on weight and coat length)