A Walk in the Park...

 As the weather warmed this year I found myself at the park enjoying sun and fresh air with my dog. While there, however, we witnessed something that all pet owners fear. A leash failure resulted in a now unencumbered and overstimulated loose dog darting straight for the closest neighboring dog and a fight ensued.

As fate would have it the unsuspecting dog was one which was working on reactivity training. The dog’s owners even had a special yellow vest the dog wore which had embroidered on it “I need space please.” (For more information on dogs that need space check out the Yellow Dog Project).

 Our well worn dog walking bag we take with us when we are on the go!

Feeling helpless, as I had my own dog with me, I watched as a group of people tried to separate the two dogs, eventually water was thrown, the dogs released, and the pet owners regained control of the situation. Fortunately no humans were injured and the dogs each had minor lacerations.

As I walked home with my dog I reflected on the situation. What would I have done if my pet was attacked, or if my dog broke free? How can I be more proactive to keep my pet safe? We already take a “dog walking bag” with us when we go to the park or for a car ride. The contents of which include, a collapsible water bowl, hand wipes, and training treats.


I have since added pet-safe citronella spray and an air horn for use in breaking up dog fights. I also replaced our leash as it was several years old, and double checked the fit of our dog’s training collar.


What supplies if any do you take on walks?